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Oakland California

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I’m an analytics engineer at on the Fusion360 team at Autodesk in San Francisco. I grew up in Northwest Arkansas (a beautiful and thriving place, believe it or not!) and studied Economics at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. After nearly a decade on the East Coast in DC and NYC, I’m now soaking up rays on the West Coast. When I’m not working I enjoy climbing, training for climbing, and playing guitar.

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Backpacking in Canyonlands National Park (2019)

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  • started running in the oakland hills during quarantine since climbing gym is closed. got about 200 feet of grade per mile today. curious if i can find some routes in the 300+ range.
  • I have long maintained that Northwest Arkansas is the only redeemable place in the state. Turns out it might actually be true???
  • incredible energy at the rally today. while i can’t express enough gratitude to bernie for his leadership, this movement is so, so much more than that. politics is more than aesthetics—more than poll results and debate performances and electability and whatever else the media would have us believe is of utmost importance. so many people are out here working so hard, and so passionately for something they truly believe in. this is not a cult of personality; it’s an inclusive movement that unites people of every imaginable background around common goals and moral imperatives. i will be voting for bernie in the primaries, just like i did in 2016, and i will be thrilled to have him as our next president. but regardless of the outcome, the movement behind all this will not stop after 2020. #notmeus
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  • u feel it all around urself
  • purple team on apple pie duty #thanksgiving #latergram
  • nice pawnshop find: vintage (early 80s?) alvarez dove from japan. cleaned it up, raised the action and put on some new strings. #alvarezguitars
  • happy anniversary
  • beautiful autumn evening in oakland #calisober #beavermoon
  • teaching critical knife skills (“try not to cut off your your fingers, if possible”)
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  • Junie’s 4th bday